National Public Radio

BY RICK MILLER Recently, I rode back from two hours of tennis with three of my tennis companions. The tennis was enjoyable, the ride back was not. The driver tuned the radio to New York City’s NPR station. The three others seemed to enjoy the comedy/talk show named “wait wait – don’t tell me!” It …

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New York needs to finally respond to the Kelo Supreme Court Decision

BY RICH PURTELL The 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ends with “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”. This sentence has been referred to as the “Takings Clause”, which enables “eminent domain” for a government to expropriate private property for public USE. However, there has now come to be …

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Resources: Libertarian Websites

There are a number of Libertarian websites and organizations across the web. Our readers may find the these Libertarian websites and organizations informative and useful. National Libertarian Party www.lp.org International Society for Individual Liberty www.liberty-intl.org Acton Institute www.acton.org Cato Institute www.cato.org Foundation for Economic Education www.fee.org Institute for Justice www.ij.org Learn Liberty www.learnliberty.org Mercatus Center www.mercatus.org Mises Institute www.mises.org Laisse Faire …

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