State Committee Officers

The State Committee is elected annually according to our bylaws.

Chair Mark Glogowski
Vice Chair Jim Rosenbeck
Vice Chair Brian Waddell
Treasurer Michael Dowden
Secretary Blay Tarnoff
At-Large Committee Member Mark Potwora
At-Large Committee Member Mike McDermott
At-Large Committee Member Aaron Commey
At-Large Committee Member Shawn Hannon
At-Large Committee Member Tony D’Orazio

Chapter Chairs

Brooklyn Chair Devin Balkind
Capital District Chair John Rayome
Chautauqua Chair Andrew Kolstee
Erie Chair Kevin Cruver
Genesee Chair Dave Olsen
Hudson Valley Chair Gary Triestman
Livingston Chair Timothy Eyer
Manhattan Chair Ron Litchman
Monroe Chair Kevin Wilson
Nassau Chair Blay Tarnoff
Onondaga Chair Shawn Hannon
Queens Chair Christopher Padilla
Staten Island Chair Hesham El-Meligy
Suffolk Chair Mike McDermott
Tioga Chair Sara Price
Warren Chair
Adam Pensel
Westchester Chair Mark Rosen

Chapter Representatives

Brooklyn Chapter Representative Gary Popkin
Capital Chapter Representative Susan Parvis
Chautauqua Chapter Representative Andrew Kolstee
Erie Chapter Representative Kevin Cruver
Genesee Chapter Representative Jeff Gray
Hudson Valley Chapter Representative Jan-Erik Janson
Livingston Chapter Representative Timothy Eyer
Manhattan Chapter Representative Christopher Hollinger
Monroe Chapter Representative Sean Phelan
Nassau Chapter Representative Chris Garvey
Onondaga Chapter Representative Millie Dordal
Queens Chapter Representative Kenneth Lee
Staten Island Chapter Representative Hesham El-Meligy
Suffolk Chapter Representative Jim Harris
Tioga Chapter Representative Rich Purtell
Warren Chapter Representative Ryan Roberts
Westchester Chapter Representative Aram Fuchs

To get in touch with other members of a chapter, whether an official one or a fledgling group, please see our chapter meetings page.

Temporary County Chairs

Upon the request of any LPNY member residing in a county in which there is no chartered County Organization, the State Committee shall appoint some LPNY member residing in that county to take the position of Temporary County Chairperson. The purpose of such appointment is to secure a contact person around whom a county Organization may be formed. — from the LPNY Bylaws

Bronx County Temporary Chair Chris D’Amato
Broome County Contact Shawna Cole
Cattaraugus County Temporary Chair Vacant
Essex County Temporary Chair Victor Burman
Fulton County Temporary Chair 
Brandon Lyon
Madison County Temporary Chair Vacant
Oneida County Temporary Chair Austen Givens
Ontario County Temporary Chair John Pruitt
Oswego County Temporary Chair Sean Stevens
Schoharie County Temporary Chair Lora Newell
Steuben County Temporary Chair Peter Olausson
Wayne County Temporary Chair Matthew Courage
Wyoming County Temporary Chair James Wanke

If you wish to be appointed or to nominate someone as temporary county chair for your non-represented county (a non-voting but important position), please contact one of the members of the State Committee. Here is information about starting a new local Libertarian group in NY.

Appointed, non-voting positions

Parliamentarian  M Carling